Don’t Miss this Moment in History!

Monday, September 24, 2018 – 8:30pm
Omaha Eppley Airport
Terminal TBA


Our veterans will be arriving back at Omaha Eppley around 8:30pm from their day in the Washington DC. Bring your children, grandchildren, neighbors and friends to welcome home these amazing women! Don't forget your flags and signs that say: 


“These women are the real heroes to be honored.  Many men served, who volunteered, but like me, they would have been drafted eventually.  These women were not subject to the draft, but sacrificed their lives at home with family and friends to serve their country.  Many volunteered to serve in hazardous areas endangering themselves to save others.  I had the pleasure of serving with several women in my short military career, and I found them to be more dedicated than most of the men with whom I served.  My hat is off to them.”

Mike O’Brien, Vietnam Veteran and Alumni of June 6, 2016 Vietnam Combat Veterans Flight